what is colorism?

If the first thing you do each morning is wake up and check the daily news on instagram or snapchat like myself, you know that DaniLeigh is being called a colorist all over the interweb. I understand though, not everyone is capable of keeping up with the latest in pop culture– you know with havingContinue reading “what is colorism?”

what do you like about being white?

What would you say if I asked you, what do you like about being White? This was a prompt given to myself and a group of other educators at a professional development course. The leader of the workshop asked everyone in the room, regardless of race, to state, I like being White because *insert personalContinue reading “what do you like about being white?”

20 affirmations to help boost self-esteem.

Do you guys remember this video? The first time I watched this, I thought Jessica was funny and adorable (I mean look at those freaking curls. I wonder if she’s dropped a curly hair routine on her channel yet). What I didn’t realize is that she was also WAY ahead of her time. Jessica’s dailyContinue reading “20 affirmations to help boost self-esteem.”

4 reasons you should wake up earlier in the new year.

As you know, I love to sleep. As you also know, I get up between 5am and 6am during the week. To reiterate, I am NOT a morning person. Getting up is not easy for me. I lay in bed contemplating my decision to set a 5am alarm when my first session doesn’t start untilContinue reading “4 reasons you should wake up earlier in the new year.”

5 ways to take back control of your social media.

Since the dawn of Myspace and AIM, social media has been a convenient and exciting way to enhance, build, and maintain relationships. From sharing photos on Instagram and life updates on Facebook to sending and uploading quirky short videos and slideshows on TikTok, the ways we interact with each other on social has expanded rapidly.Continue reading “5 ways to take back control of your social media.”

3 reasons you should workout in the morning.

I am historically not a morning person. When I was younger, my parents used to scold me for wasting an entire day sleeping. I would go to bed well after midnight and wouldn’t resurface until at least 12pm.. 2:30pm on a good day. As I ventured off into adulthood, I realized quickly that sleeping inContinue reading “3 reasons you should workout in the morning.”